Public Art artworks

Mullum Mullum the Owl

Mullum Trail, Ringwood (at Acacia Crt)

Mullum Mullum owl
Mullum Mullum the Owl, William Eicholtz, Bronze & crystal, 2017

Award winning sculptor, William Eicholtz, created this bronze in response to the bushland setting of the Mullum Mullum Creek. It depicts a Powerful Owl, a species native to the Mullum Mullum Creek catchment. The Owl was commissioned as part of drainage and stormwater management works in Ringwood. It casts its watchful eye over cyclists and pedestrians using the Trail and the footbridge over the Creek.


Wyreena, 13-23 Hull Road Croydon

GlowB cubby
Glowb, Benjamin Gilbert & Playce, Stainless Steel & acrylic, 2017

GlowB, a collaboration between playspace designers, Playce, and artist Benjamin Gilbert, was awarded best cubby at the 2017 Melbourne Flower and Garden Show - primarily because it is so much more than a cubby. GlowB is interactive public art at its best, standing alone as a sculptural element within Wyreena’s mature gardens, but happy being climbed over, and into.

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

Long View Road Croydon South, near Pleasant Rise

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos, Rob Bast, carved acacia stump, 2018

This new artwork celebrates the ongoing significance of an area of Croydon South originally subdivided by Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin. The subdivision’s gently winding roads remain the home for numerous significant mature trees, and an important habitat for local birds. When a large wattle was recently damaged by lightning, an opportunity emerged to use the stump to capture the essence of the area. Sculptor, Rob Bast, carved this magnificent pair of cockatoos over four days, working within the unique shape of the twin trunks of the old tree. 

Aquanation public art

Aquanation: Cnr Greenwood Avenue and Reilly Street, Ringwood

Aquanation public art suite, Anna Minardo, 2015

This suite of artworks by artist Anna Minardo was installed as part of the construction of Maroondah’s new diving and swimming facility Aquanation. The commissioning of these works represents a renewed commitment to public art in Maroondah.

Working closely with Aquanation’s architects, Anna designed two dramatic glass wall pieces. One adorns the lift well wall in the main lobby. The other wraps around one wall of the café area.

Complementing these works Anna has designed two perforated screen elements at the Greenwood Avenue entrance. At ground level the crèche fence features abstracted images of waterplay, while the first floor screen depicts the dynamism of competitive swimmers.

Out of the Wood

Ringwood Station (Car park, Station St, opposite Platforms 1 & 2)

Out of the wodd
Out of the Wood, Carla Gottgens with ArtScape community members, mural, 2016

Out of the Wood was conceived during a series of workshops conducted by Carla Gottgens with participants in the ArtScape program run by EACH (supporting young people with mental health issues). The artwork, funded by PTV and created with the support of VicRoads, features a series of mythical beasts in an imagined landscape of colourful patterns.

Stacked Houses

Realm (179 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood)

Stacked houses
Stacked Houses, James Voller, digital photographic print on vinyl, 2016

James Voller’s Stacked Houses is a photographic installation that disrupts expectations of interior design and architecture by introducing streetscape details—the facades of three local houses—to the lift lobbies of Realm. The artwork references the domestic history of Ringwood, depicting houses from three distinct architectural eras. Complementing these pieces is another surprise element for any users of the large rear lift at Realm, the interior of which has been treated to mimic a typical suburban lounge room.

San Carlos Art Box Project

San Carlos Walk, Croydon

At night
San Carlos Walk Art Box Project with images by Alex Rizgalla, 2016

Launched in mid-2106, as a part of the Croydon Connects urban design project, these light boxes feature a changing display of artworks and provide opportunities to showcase a range of local contemporary artists and artworks. The image at the right shows works by Alex Rizgalla, exhibited during June and July, 2016.

Wyreena Playspace Artworks

Wyreena, 13-23 Hull Road Croydon

Wyreena playspace
Wyreena Playspace artworks, James Cattell, timber and mixed media, 2016

Artist, James Cattell worked with designers of the upgraded Wyreena playspace, to create a range of fascinating and playful sculptural elements including a bird's nest shelter and a range of carved creatures. The works provide an imaginative layer for children at play, function as seats or climbing elements and integrate the formal play elements with the surrounding formal gardens. James also worked with the community to create a new entrance gateway featuring ceramic birds created by community members.



Karralyka forecourt: Wilson Street, Ringwood East

Cassini, Charles O. Perry, Painted steel, 1978

Charles O. Perry was a significant American sculptor and designer whose bold, yet fluid, modernist designs grace many major public buildings in the U.S., including Washington D.C.’s National Air and Space Museum.

There are only eight major works by Perry in Australia. Most of these, like Cassini, were commissioned by architect, Harry Seidler, as forecourt elements to his iconic buildings. Cassini is a unique artwork, and a fantastic example of abstract geometric modernism.

Leaf Cubby

32 Federation Estate: Greenwood Street, Ringwood

Leaf cubby
Leaf Cubby, Benjamin Gilbert, Stainless steel, 2012

Leaf Cubby is both a reflection of Maroondah’s natural assets, as represented by the indigenous gum leaf forms, and a playful take on the way children interact with their environment.

Both these elements resonate with its position, at the entrance to a community facility on the site of the former Ringwood Primary School. Benjamin Gilbert is a Melbourne based sculptor whose work often reflects elements of play and is strongly grounded in the environment.

Leaf Totems

Croydon Civic Square (80m south of playground)

Leaf totems
Leaf Totems, Jane du Rand, Ceramic, 2014

Jane Du Rand’s tactile ceramic creations have been installed in the U.S., Europe and Africa. Leaf Totems is her first major Australian public artwork.

Commissioned as part of Council’s flood mitigation works in Croydon in 2014, the work complements the natural swathe of old-growth trees. Its colourful depictions of native wildlife have made this a popular work with local families.

Heritage Tree Sculptures

Federation Estate: 32 Greenwood Street, Ringwood

Heritage tree sculptures
Heritage Tree Sculptures, Rod Jones & Kevin Gilder (with community assistance), Carved tree trunks, 2001

A component of the Sensory Time Trail at Maroondah Federation Estate, these images are carved directly into the trunks of a group of Cypress Pines which were removed during the construction of new community facilities at Federation Estate.

They feature historical elements of Ringwood, such as the history of the Ringwood Primary School and native fauna of significance to local Indigenous people.

Glen Park Playspace (Dean Bowen sculpture)

Glen Park: 30 Glen Park Rd, Bayswater North

Dean Bowen sculpture
Boy with Owl and Playful Echidnas, Dean Bowen, Bronze, 2012

In keeping with its playspace location, Dean Bowen’s sculpture at Glen Park has a whimsical, picture book feel. Its scale allows young users of the playspace to interact with it on their own level.

Other examples of playspace art elements in Maroondah include carved bollards at Wyreena and musical interactive elements at Y-Space, Croydon.

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