Arts Incubators at Realm

Arts Incubators transform ArtSpace at Realm with multi-dimensional creations that evolve over time through the interactions of artists and visitors. Writers, performers, digital and visual artists invite you to be part of their world as they take up residency in ArtSpace.

The first Arts Incubator Text Me by writer and artist Richard Holt involved people of all ages in a stimulating program focused on writing. In Touch, the second Arts Incubator in August 2016, was created by artist Glen Walton and his Playable Streets team including illustrator Edwina Atkins, transforming ArtSpace into a giant playable mural that made sound when touched.

Word me up

29 May to 18 June

Text meArtist and writer, Richard Holt, returns to ArtSpace for another three weeks celebrating text and the written word, and you’re invited to leave your own written mark on the space.
Interactive text installations, workshops, performances and more.

Events and workshops will include:

Write Offs

Write Offs are unique, participatory writing events for groups. Part installation, part performance, part writing intensive and part chaos, WriteOffs guarantee a no-holds-barred creative writing experience. Participants become immersed in the activity of writing in, on and all over temporary write-able environments. During one WriteOff event thirty students produced nearly 12,000 words of concrete poetry, prose, free verse and arbitrary text objects in just half an hour of concentrated writing. Can your group do better?

Text meShort Stories from Flash to Novella

Stories tend to find their natural length. Maybe you don’t have a novel in you. But everyone has something shorter—a story that can be told in a few hundred words or a few thousand. Short story and flash fiction writer provides insights into how best to tell the story you’re dying to set free.

Getting the Most Out of Your Writing Group

Writing doesn’t have to be such a solitary pastime. Self-confessed writing group addict, Richard Holt, looks at how to establish and maintain an active writing group and how to get the most out of involvement in such a group.

Booking information for all workshops will be posted in April.

Arts Incubators at ArtSpace at Realm

Monday to Friday: 9am to 8pm
Weekends: 10am to 5pm